Perfectly Imperfect

I did it.  No really I worked out EVERY SINGLE DAY OF FEBRUARY!!! I am on the MOON! February was all about getting my body moving, to start to slim down and sleek out. I melted pounds (6 to be exact) and 3 inches around the belly!! YAY BABY!!!


Girl, if I can do it, YOU can do it!


Know how I did it? Perfectly imperfectly.  I let go of the rules.  I stopped trying to make EVERYTHING in my life healthy. I was conscious about my food, but I didn’t focus on it, stopped stressing over it.  I focused on getting my body moving everyday and making it a REQUIREMENT (kinda like brushing your teeth…).


I use to feel I had to work out for an hour to an hour and half minimum. So instead I took away limits of what working out was suppose to look like. One day I felt horribly sick, I went for a 5 minute walk.  Another day I got called into work early, I did about 15 minutes.  I celebrated it everyday, patting myself on the back for doing it. And then there were the fun 90minute power walking with a friend.


Don’t get my wrong; there were days I didn’t want to work out.  I had to DRAG myself up, put on the right bra, get socks on (I’m a sandals kinda girl), and get my butt in gear.


I loved myself unconditionally as I got my body moving.  My best was good enough. And I MOVED MY BODY! It worked =)  Now I feel like something isn’t right, just like if I hadn’t brushed my teeth, if I haven’t exerted myself in some way during the day.


Have to highlight

If you followed the challenge you saw the prize given by Kiya Knight WEightless DVD’s.  These have become my FAVORITE workouts!  They have a spiritual element I’ve never seen in a workout outside of yoga.  I’m in love with them!  She does them with exotic backgrounds in Mexico, she never yells or guilt’s you, it’s always with love and empowerment. LOVE IT!  I wanted to make sure you could get your own copy, so click here to get yours.  She’s giving 30% for a limited time; if it’s not there anymore, go here. (I don’t receive any compensation for any sales, this is just pure love FYI).


What I did

In case you’re wondering, I rotated walking around my neighborhood and up steep hills with work out DVD’s (kept me from getting bored). It also challenged me one day, and gave me something not so intense (except for the hills lol).  When Aunt Flow comes to town I only walk to give my body a break, as she can be a bit mean to me. (Working on that with some herbs, I’ll report in the future on that one for ya!)



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What to do 

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