Upcoming Challenge

We’re doing it AGAIN! June 1-21st we’re doing a Self Pleasure Challenge!


Why Self Pleasure?

• Pleasure is one of the major side-effects of being in the moment. Self-love is a powerful entry into NOW.

•Self-Sexual exploration builds sexual intelligence and artistry.

• We all too often distract ourselves with the latest Netflix Original Series because we’d love to be having sex but aren’t. We’ve forgotten we have the perfect partner available at all times – ourselves.

• Eat all the reishi mushrooms you want, sexual energy is still the best super food on the planet.

• “You’re only as spiritual as you are sexual.” Alexander Lowen

• Open hips = an open heart. The fastest way to open your heart is to amp up the sexual voltage in your body.

• Um, hello? PLEASURE?! LoL

Are you ready? It’s time to join me (and Dawn Cartwright my Tantra Teacher who I am supporting by sharing her with you) for the 21 Day Self-Pleasuring Challenge beginning Thursday, June 1st. Challenge ends Wednesday, June 21st.

Create a self-pleasuring practice that fits your life-style, preferences and desires. Schedule time each day for your pleasure. Your practice may be 5-20 minutes or 2 hours, the length of time isn’t as important as the dedication to exploration and willingness to meet yourself in ways you may not have experienced before.

The focus of the 21 Day Self-Pleasuring Challenge is love and pleasure rather than orgasm – which just might be a whole new concept. You may be asking yourself, what is self-pleasuring without orgasm as the focus? Join me, us and find out!