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Modalities and Tools

Tantra Counseling – This is where dive into what you want more of in your life, find what’s standing in your way and find steps to move you forward towards what you want  in your life from love, health, sex, relationships, your relationship with your body, your dreams etc.  We’ll work with your chakras, dreams, toning, healing symbols, NLP, and guided meditations to get things nothing

Bondage & Meditation –  One of my favorite things! We start out talking about your boundaries and anything else I need to know and then dive into a dual meditation.  Your only job is to breath and let me know if you need anything adjusted. Once you’ve entered a relaxed state I will slowly start to bind your body.  Your senses are awakened by the meditation, the rope running across your body sending vibrations along your skin feels delicious. Being bound in the rope feels like a hug and with eyes closed you’ll receive different sensory experiences which are heightened by your meditative state and closed eyes.  Being unbound, your skin and nervous system sensitive and alive the rope unbinding from your skin feels like a caress.  This is extremely lovely when added with massage.

Therapeutic Massage –  Relax, let go, and enjoy.  Your only job is to show up, breath and let me know if you need anything adjusted. Using what I’ve learned over the last 25 years of bodywork to ease your tired, tense muscles.


1.5 hour Session $150

Take up the entire session with a massage or choose to dive deeper and add other modalities.  We can discuss your intention for the visit and create a session just for you.

4 hour Advance Session $350

Not for everyone, this advanced session dives into the deeper aspects of your life. It is offered to those really ready to dig in and get things moving to experience change. The half day can be supportive to life issues that are in your history to uncover past patterns, beliefs, and propel you into the life you are desiring.

Outcalls + $100

I can come to you, let’s discuss where you live/work and what that looks like


At The Namaste Nest Tuesday and Thursdays 12-7pm

12456 Culver Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90066

Chiropractic office Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10-5pm

1118 N. Avalon Blvd., Wilmington, CA 90744

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